Results for Mikado Game Night, as created by Artists at Play founding member/producer Julia Cho. From Artists at Play ... at Play! (January 23, 2015), a special event to kick off our fifth year in Los Angeles theatre, featuring all-original pieces written by the AAP producers ...

Mikado Game Night
Haven't played the game yet? Read the original piece here and make your guesses before reading on ...

The images below (from various productions of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado) are listed in chronological order, from oldest to most recent. 

JUNE 2013 | Mu Performing Arts & Skylark Opera 
Those are actually Asians! Learn more about the successful co-production in this article written by Mu's then-artistic director, Rick Shiomi.

APRIL-MAY 2014 | Metro Theatre Vancouver 

Josephine Lee, English & Asian American studies professor at University of Minnesota, author of "The Japan of Pure Invention: The Racial History of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, spoke with KUOW (Seattle).

JULY 2014 | Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society 

WARNING: More cringe-worthy images in this NBC News feature Stereotypes in 'The Mikado' Stir Controversy in Seattle

AUGUST 2014 | Seattle Public Theater 
How fun is this? Theatre for Youth production re-imagines The Mikado for the 21st century, setting it in the world of manga-style anime and pop culture with multi-ethnic cast of kids.

OCTOBER 2014 | Ventura County Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company
This one actually got nothing but rave reviews! Watch a video clip here.

How-de-doo Trio #3

"Kind of a downer, huh? Just wanted to give you a sense of the broader national context that Artists at Play works in. But hey, thanks for playing!"

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