If you would like to contribute to Artists at Play... 

Throughout the year, you can make a
tax-deductible donation online through Fractured Atlas
or mail a check to the following address:
Artists at Play

P.O. Box 572
Alhambra, CA 91802

Checks can be made out to Artists at Play, OR 
to make your donation tax-deductible please write 
checks out to our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas.

Levels of Support

Maker ($1+ )

Leilani Chan
Aileen Kamoshita
Kathie Kingett
Lia Kozatch
Camille Mana
Cary Patrick Martin
Randy Matliff
Aly Mawji
Socorro Robbins
Norm Takeda
Roger Tang

Creator ($100+)

Albert Aubin
Wendy Chang
Margaret Dunlap
Marilynn Fong
Henry Fuhrmann
Tim Dang
Michael Golamco
Teresa Huang
Phoebe Hyun
Jean Lau
Linda Lau-Cole
Lloyd Lee
Raymond Lee
Alma Martinez
Glenn Omatsu
Peter Shimamoto
Vicki Shinto
Howard Yata

Innovator ($500+)

Originator ($1,000+)

Randy and Mari Tamura

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Artists at Play, please visit our non-profit fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas at To explore other ways to support Artists at Play, email

 *Donors as of January 1, 2017.

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